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Saree Blouse/Choli Details

Saree Blouse/choli and PettiCoat

We can custom stitch the blouse/choli. If choli fabric is available in the saree we use the same. Or we match it for you. Matching petticoat can also be sent. Contact us for further details.

Pre-Stitched Saree or Stitched pleats saree.

The ready made sari set consists of a blouse, petticoat and sari. The sari is attached to the petticoat, and the pleats are pre-made. All you need to do to wear this sari is to slip it on like a skirt, and then arrange the "pallu" the way you want to; a sari in minutes!! Both the sari and blouse have a gold print all over. The blouse is short - it leaves the midriff exposed; it has hooks in the back and can be opened up fully to put on and take off. The skirt part of the sari has a drawstring waistband.

Blouse Back

  1. Neck Width:
  2. Back Neck Depth:
  3. Shoulder Length:
  4. Sleeve Length:
  5. End of Sleeve:
  6. Blouse Length:
  7. Around Waist :

Blouse front

  1. Front Neck Depth:
  2. Around Bust / Chest:
  3. Shoulder to the Tip of the Bust:
  4. Around the Arm Pit:

Petticoat :

  1. Length from wait to ankle:
  2. Around Waist :
  3. Around hip :
  4. Around Seat(Bums):
Blouse Measure

Neck Pattern:

neck pattern neck pattern neck pattern