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Indian Bridal Jewelry


Wedding ceremony is probably the most memorable occassion in one's life. Everyone likes to make these weddingday ceremonies very special for the wedding couples as well as those who are invited the occassion. The bride is the center of the all attraction and she remains focused all the day. The bridal jewelry is an innate part of her wedding dress. The bride adorns herself with different types of cosmetics, but the actual attraction comes only when she puts on her bridal jewelry. Undoubtely this fashionable bridal jewelry is an asset for the newlywed bride that preserves all through her life.


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A Bride's wedding trousseau is incomplete without jewelry. Beautiful jewelry worn by the Bride gives a complete Indian Bridal look. These jewelries are worn by the accompaniment to the bridal dress. Attractive and astonishing Kemp stone jewelry gives the bride a remarkable look. The Bridal jewelry set consists of Long and short necklace, waist(hip) chain, head set, earring set, hair to earring set, hair clip, nose stud, bangles, armlets. Design include small motifs such as Lotus, Mango, Peacock, Swans, etc.


In India, jewelry is designed to match the costume. The theme of its design as well as the color of the jewelry is taken into consideration while embellishing. To make jewelry more attractive, it is topped by various types of stones and Kemp. Traditionally, Indian jewelry has been made of heavy and voluminious gold pieces, but recently jewelry made of silver other metals has become quite popular among people.


Weddings are rich in costumes and the Kemp and stone-encrusted Mangamalai (garland of mangoes) symbolises abundance, the traditional armlet Vanki ensures no part of the bride's arm is lack of jewel, and the Shringar patti(head ornament)- setwith deep-red precious stones and pearls - will transform a demure bride into