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The Thappu is extensively used in temple festivals, religious celebrations, folk music and dance. In the last several centuries, just like the Parai, it has also been used by the drumming community to provide inauspicious ritual services such as accompanying funeral processions. At funerals the drumming is of a very fast beat to evoke Sudalai Muni or Sudalai Aandi (Lord Shiva), who favours the Koothu beats, to liberate the Athma (soul) of the deceased.

There is also a Folk dance variation known as Thappaattam (Thappu Dance) where the players evoke contrasting beats as that of their counterpart and or group. The dance contains numerous movement patterns all carried out while holding and playing the drum. The Thappu drums beats are almost identical to the Parai and similarly is so powerful and captivating. Indeed it also naturally makes the person sway, clap their hands or stamp their feet in synchronisation to the beat or actually dance.

actual width Diameter : 14.8" / 37.5 cm

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Product Description

The thappu is a percussion and folk instrument of India. It is a circular drum with cow skin membrane. One end is closed with membrane and other end is open.

Thappu is played with sticks. The famous cymbal of music by thappu is called elathalam which is traditional accompanied music.

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