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Dance Instruments

Celebration through dance found a natural place in both the religious and secular life. Music has always been an important part of Indian life. India has a rich musical history with records of ancient musical instruments found in revered religious scriptures.

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  1. Wooden Manjira - Musical Instrument for Bhajan and Kirtans Thalam Dance Buy Online
    Item Number: DA120

    Wooden Manjira - Musical I ...


    Wooden Clapper - Khartal or Kartal, which is a well-known ancient musical instrument, primarily used while performing devotional songs. This instrument belongs to the group of idiophones of self-sounding instruments and amalgamates the properties of vibrator & resonator.

    When the plates are clapped together, it produces a clinking sound. Owing to its durability and musicality, our range is in high demand.

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  2. 14" Thappu folk instrument Musical Instruments for Dance Buy Online
    Item Number: Thappu

    14" Thappu folk instr ...


    The Thappu is extensively used in temple festivals, religious celebrations, folk music and dance. In the last several centuries, just like the Parai, it has also been used by the drumming community to provide inauspicious ritual services such as accompanying funeral processions. At funerals the drumming is of a very fast beat to evoke Sudalai Muni or Sudalai Aandi (Lord Shiva), who favours the Koothu beats, to liberate the Athma (soul) of the deceased.

    There is also a Folk dance variation known as Thappaattam (Thappu Dance) where the players evoke contrasting beats as that of their counterpart and or group. The dance contains numerous movement patterns all carried out while holding and playing the drum. The Thappu drums beats are almost identical to the Parai and similarly is so powerful and captivating. Indeed it also naturally makes the person sway, clap their hands or stamp their feet in synchronisation to the beat or actually dance.

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  3. Wooden Thalam Jathi dance class bharatanatyam Kuchipudi  nattuvangam Stick
    Item Number: DA127

    Wooden Thalam Jathi dance ...


    Wooden thala stick. Learn More
  4. Wooden Thalam Mani Kattai Jathi dance class Buy online
    Item Number: DA002

    Wooden Thalam Mani Kattai ...


    The Wooden thalam is integral part of Indian classical dance. Bharatanatyam , Kuchipudi and most of traditional Indian dances. Good quality and sturdy. Learn More

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