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Hindu Deity Ornaments


Ornaments are the symbol of allure and beauty that are used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses.The deities are decorated and before going out for a procession they stood the deity in front of a mirror to show them the perfection.


The statues In Indian were ornamented with chunky necklaces that were either strung with beads or crafted with intricate filigree.Amongst the other ornaments that adorned statues of deities were large chunky bangles,usually studded with gems.In addition,earrings,nose rings and anklets were also used.

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The jewelries are well designed with intrigued work.The idols of Gods are ornamented with Kreedam,golden crown worn by Dieties,Nethi chutti or Vagupu chutti or Chutti,Rakkadi,used in the backhead,Surya & Chandra Pirai,Kundalam, ear ornament for both men and women,Mookuthi(Nose stead),Kaarai(neck ornament), Vangi or Vanki (armband), Oddiyanam(waist belt),Thandai or Patharasam studded with Kemp or Stones with pretty chunky designs.

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Many South Indian temples have exclusive and high-priced ornaments. Most of these jewelleries were donated were donated by the Kings or wealthy the people to adorn the deities of the temples.Now days ornaments for deity are presented by individuals according to their capacity.Semi precious stones and plated jewelry are most popular.

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The Chola dynasty,in South Indian contributed a lot in the growth of the art of jewel making. The South Indian temples even maintained their own workshops,employed skilled goldsmiths and jewellers to fashion jewels,to test and evaluate them whenever it is needed.The master craftsmen were appointed and granted many royal titles on them for their mastery and excellence in the art.